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      Top Medical Tourism in San Jose Costa Rica

                              is 65% or more.  
Would you try medical tourism for 10 THOUSAND dollars?

I just updated the "Savings" link above to link to our newest price guide, which reflect a discount plan we have negotiated on behalf of our customers. Check it out and prepare to be in for a shock. 

I realize a lot of people are extremely hesitant to try something like this.
But let me ask you.....
For 10 THOUSAND dollars, would you get on a plane (by a reputable airline of your choice) and fly 4 to 6 hours internationally?
For 10 THOUSAND dollars, would you go to the trouble of getting a passport?
For 10 THOUSAND dollars, would you stay at a fine hotel in a luxurious exotic setting?
For 10 THOUSAND dollars, would you get world-class, high-tech, healthcare by U.S. certified doctors and dentists?
For 10 THOUSAND dollars, would you get better recovery healthcare than in the U.S. (with a better nurse ratio and better healthcare system)
For 10 THOUSAND dollars, would you go on an unforgettable tour to, say, a waterfall garden, a volcano, or a rain forest?

We are not offering a ten thousand dollar bonus for people who'll try our service. We are simply saying that these are the probable savings for a person with a $15,000 medical bill in the U.S. (which is sadly very realistic, or even a low estimate). 

"The biggest risk of Do-It-Yourself Medical Tourism"

Winston-Salem, NC, USA -- We have heard some very sad stories of brave people having a bad experience with medical tourism. Usually, it involves getting bad medical treatment from a bad doctor in a bad facility. Sometimes that is topped off with a stay in a bad hotel in a bad part of town. That can happen in the U.S. almost as easily as Costa Rica, Mexico, India, or any other foreign country, especially if you are a foreigner seeking medical tourism.
The biggest risk of "do-it-yourself "medical tourism is winding up with bad healthcare. 
This is not really the traveller's fault. It is very hard to know what's what when you are hundreds of miles away, do not speak the language, and do not know who to trust.
That is where DentaRica and our partners come in. We are a travel consulting service that arranges for you to have a positive experience and even an amazing vacation as a pleasant side effect. We make sure you find your way to the good doctors (or dentists) in state-of-the-art hospitals or clinics. We hand-pick our partners for their quality, right down to the hotels and tourism providers.
Low-quality healthcare is unwanted and a shame, but bad healthcare could cost someone thousands of dollars to correct or even permanent health problems. DentaRica offers a "safety net" for those seeking medical tourism and the low costs and high quality Costa Rica has to offer.

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Medical or Dental
Vacation--6 nights/7 days

Airport transfers between SJO
*2 nights recovery center which is in a tropical rainforest setting with all meals, and transport to the dentist or doctor (or 4 nights at resort)
*2 nights 4 star resort hotel with pool, bar, restaurant, gift store, fitness center
*2 nights bed and breakfast  in Escazu for shopping, and Tiquicia dinner theater
2 day tours (beach, volcano, coffee plantation, nature and waterfalls)
Ground transfers to hotels and Tiquicia

Cost: $1649 per person, double room. Add $600 for second person sharing a room.  

Add dental implants for $850 each
Add colonoscopy and doctor consultation for $400 each
Add medical imaging:  chest plate, general abdomen, prostate or mammogram all for $300
Add consultation with cosmetic surgeon for $90 each
Add consultation with any specialist for $90 each
Add cardiology specialist, EKG, Heart Stress Test, Echocardiogram all for $400
Add gastroscopy and specialist consultation for $350

Free oral exam

Contact for information, or call 336-608-5636
If you would like to speak with a Medical Travel Specialist about surgery or medical procedures in Costa Rica, we first need for you to fill out the secure  form below.  This gathers the necessary medical information that is sent to the hospitals and surgeons, or other specialists. It also contains the HIPPA confidentiality statement. You will be asked to pay $150 for this service. $75 is credited toward your medical costs when you arrive. However, with our negotiated prices and medical travel expertise, you will save additional time and money, and can feel confident that your request for services is being professionally evaluated in order to better assist you in making an important decision. Should you elect to proceed to make an appointment, then NC Medical Travel staff will assist you in your travel and hotel or recovery center arrangements without further cost. 


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