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The company as a whole is not religiously affiliated, and does not have non-profit status. However, the owner is Christian and sees the very real need in the Body of Believers and also sees how she can help. She wants to follow the teachings of Christ and help those who are suffering and doing without. In this case, it is because they cannot afford good dental care (at least not reasonably). And isn't that the testimony of all good Christians, to be Christlike where ever they find themselves, and in whatever they are doing?

So, this is Christians helping Christians, but also Christians helping anyone who is in need. Our ministry is not a charity, and we do not have non-profit status. What we do is many fold, however. We put together groups of Christians who can find support with one another. They can pray together (including our staff) and visit local Christian sites and churches and charities. We strive for an atmosphere akin to a Christian retreat. We strongly believe that Christians travelling with other Christians (sharing the experience) are much happier and further provide a marvelous testimony. We tailor our Christian group trips to be in family environments and to sight-see with a Christian perspective.

Sadly, we ourselves cannot help people with no financial resources. But we do put quality dental care within reach for many people. I have not mentioned Costa Rica yet on this page, but let me explain how this works. We are like a travel agency that specializes in dental patients and also offers our Christian group trips. If someone is in the USA staring down at a $8,000 price estimate, we can help them go to Costa Rica where the entire cost (including roundtrip airfare) is about $4,000 for the same work. The dentist we use is highly recommended, and their work is high-quality, and we have been using them for years. Roundtrip airfare is usually about $500.

Please visit this link to see testimony video from Christian real patients:

Apart from all this, we negotiate with offshore hospitals and dental clinics on behalf of Christian groups. We have been blessed with success in arranging payment plans and payment grace periods that make this possible for people with limited incomes. We offer churches the chance to fundraise while also meeting a serious need of their congregations. DentaRica is looking for ways to incorporate a mission trip with a dental group trip. We have developed a relationship with various local churches and Christian charities so that we can refer patients to them (when not in the dentist chair!). We e-mail prayer requests on the behalf of our patients.

We serve anyone we can help, but for those patients and their families who share these Christian beliefs, we are blessed with an opportunity to provide meaningful help within a supportive wholesome context.
Real photo of Christian group member (dental patient)
Dental patients have the opportunity to enjoy the world-renowned tourism in Costa Rica in between dental visits. Christian travellers can share the experience together.
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DentaRica's Christian Ministry strives to put together an atmosphere akin to a Christian retreat, while helping meet dental needs.
DentaRica's Christian Ministry -- dental implants $850; root canal $300; crown $450