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Well Qualified Dental Providers, Well Qualified Dental Care Consultants--Service You can Trust
Your smile is the first thing people notice about you.  A confident smile makes such a difference in your quality of life, your professional appearance, your social life, and in your overall health.  

If high prices of dental treatment in the USA are a barrier to regaining the great smile that you once had, then contact us today.  You will be surprised at how easy it really is to access a dental provider that is well qualified and affordable.  A complete restoration is usually around $55,000 in the USA, but with our
providers and additional discounts that we negotiate for our clients, the cost is usually around $15,000.
Whatever your dental needs, we are here to help, and we understand. 
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​NC Medical Travel Client who traveled to Costa Rica in July, 2015 with a group that went together for dental treatments and medical diagnostics.
News Show discusses the rise of medical tourism and dental treatments abroad. Travel with confidence to accredited providers in Costa Rica, with NC Medical Travel groups and staff. 
Smoothies taste great after dental work, or anytime. Here, man from California buys one in Costa Rica for his companion after dental implants.