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NC Medical Travel, LLC is the International Patient Coordinator at a Costa Rican Hospital, and provides services for select dental providers in Costa Rica. It is our job to serve both you and the provider with turn-key services. 

These prices are average for dentists we partner with. However, you will get a cost prior to going, for your particular needs.  This is just so that you can compare price quotes given to you by your local dentist.  We often get special reduced, promotional rates from certain dentists, and pass that savings along to customers. Our staff actually go to these dentists their own dental needs. When we refer people, we have been where you are sitting (quite literally).

We charge $150 for services when you submit your DENTAL FORM.  This covers our fee for transmitting the dental information securely to providers in Costa Rica so that you may receive cost estimates for treatment at one of their excellent clinics and also entitles you to the valuable services below.

Here is some of what we do:

1. We book your hotel or recovery center, dental appointments, airport transfers from SJO, create a personal itinerary for you that will 
    include any tours you wish to go on. We send you travel tips and important reminders. 

2. Dental Providers are eager to give our referrals excellent attention and care, in order to maintain a good business relationship with
    us. Being one of our dental patient referrals means that you are more likely to get preferred status and VIP treatment, than if you just
    go online and book an appointment for yourself. NC Medical Travel advocates for you, should any issues arise and you are not
    completely satisfied with your dental work.  

3. We track your flights and have your itinerary -- in case of any emergency at home or while you are there, we are a first contact for you
    or your family.  We notify the embassy that you will be in Costa Rica as a USA citizen.

4. If going on a group Dental Vacation Package, we have a personal guide for the group, and special group activities and tours
    scheduled around  the dental appointments.

5. We assist you with passport and booking flights.

6. We can arrange phone consultations or email consultations with dental providers prior to your travel.

7. Videos of dental providers are available. All providers speak English. Their clinics are modern, sanitary, and meet or exceed USA
    standards. We feel that you will be quite impressed by the care you will receive when traveling with NC Medical Travel/ DentaRica. 

Please remember that these prices below are averages. We will do our best to get you the best prices at the best dentist, who best matches your needs. 

Crowns:  $300- $495
Root Canals:  $180-$300
Bone grafting:  $500- $600 per quadrant
Zimmer Implant:  $850- $950
Implant Abutment: $400
Implant Crown:  $325-$495
Panoramic x-ray:  $35-$50
Regular Cleaning:  $65
Deep Cleaning: $130
Dental 3-D Scan:  $275
Denture: $500 upper or lower

Inquire about any other prices

Current Specials:

Implant, abutment, crown for $1399. Lifetime warranty on work and implant. 

4 Mini Implants, attachments and one denture for 
Our motto is:   "Fly a Little, Save a LOT!"