We can help you find the best dental provider to meet your needs. Why?  Because we specialize in dental and medical treatments in just the country of Costa Rica.  Staff at DentaRica and NC Medical Travel are experienced with services, hotels, provider qualifications, provider specialties, provider insurance acceptance, sanitation, travel safety, restaurants and tours.  We have certified staff to serve you in the USA and in Costa Rica. Staff at NC Medical Travel are enthusiastic patients of dental providers in Costa Rica themselves!  Our negotiated rates with providers can save you additional money. Our providers often give our referred patients special discounts. Please fill out the form below for a consultation with a dental tourism specialist at NC Medical Travel. 
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When you submit the form below, you will be asked to pay a $150 consultation fee for services. A representative from NC Medical Travel will contact you to provide you with their expert recommendations on the dental providers best suited to your needs.   NC Travel Staff are ProMed Certified Facilitators, and as such, you have an assurance of having access to providers that are ProMed Certified, and throughly qualified professionals
Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. A confident smile makes such a difference in your quality of life, your professional appearance, your social life, and in your overall health.  

If high prices of dental treatment in the USA are a barrier to regaining the great smile that you once had, then contact us today. You will be surprised at how easy it really is to access a dental provider that is well qualified and affordable. A complete restoration is usually around $55,000 in the USA, but with our
providers and additional discounts that we negotiate for our clients, the cost is usually around $15,000.

Whatever your dental needs, we are here to help, and we understand. We can even assist you with international insurance claims. We help you manage your time and costs in Costa Rica so that you can maximize your savings.  
If you are a member of Samaritan Ministry or Christian Healthcare Ministry, or an enrolled 
employee group, please ask for the coupon code to
waive the $150 submission fee.  If you are not sure, just ASK. The procedure you are getting may qualify for a fee waiver. 
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